Thursday, November 1, 2007


Trick or Treat!! Our little Puppy and Tiger had a happy Halloween. We went to a neighborhood party and then trick or treating to all the houses. When Justun got home we went to the church for the tri-ward trick or trunk. It was quite the production. There was a cake walk, games, food and fresh made carmel apples.
We just loved Heaths tiger tail. He loved his outfit and wore it almost all day.
We got home at about 7:00 and snapped pictures. It was really fun and I'm sure we will have some wild boys for a few days.

On October 25th Rory and Heath went to a Halloween Party in the neighborhood next to our house. They had alot of fun dressing up. Rory was Mater and Heath was a mouse. We carved pumpkin's earlier that day, they were excited about putting candles in them and watching them glow. It was fun to watch them so Happy.