Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lake mead

went to Lake Mead on Memorial day. It was so nice and the boys had such a great time playing on the beach.

Rory and Heath played in the tube. Heath was sad when we had to put it away and go home. He called it his boat.
Anders was a happy baby to, which made it more enjoyable for all of us.

It was a beautiful day. The water was still a little cold. Justun slalomed and had a great time. And even Uncle Jade Got out on the wake board.

Heres our family of five! I cant believe we have three already. But we love them all and couldn't imagine life without them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anders Blessing

Anders Blessing day was really nice we had our family there and it was great to see everyone. Anders is weighing between 15-16 pounds. I Squeezed him into his blessing outfit and barely got the shirt buttoned up. He is so cute and fat. He is always sucking on something, his blanket,fist, binky and sometimes my shoulder.

Fun in the Tub

Heath loves the goggles. He wants to wear then almost every time he gets in the tub. But he will only wear them over his eyes for a minuet the rest of the time he wears them on his head.

All Smiles

Anders is so happy and smiles all the time. He is almost three months in this picture. I cant believe how fast time goes and how fast babies grow. It has been so fun to have another baby boy.

Easter 2008

Easter was alot of fun for the boys. This year we made an Easter Cake and Rory and Heath helped to decorate it.
I think they ate more candy than was actually put on the cake.

We set out the easter baskets that night, but early the next morning I decided it would be better to move them to the bottom of me and Justuns bed with a trail of eggs to guide the boys into our room. I did this in hopes that we would wake up when they came in to get them. But my efforts were in vain. I woke to the subtle sound of laughter. I found the baskets gone, and Easter grass, eggs and candy scattered in every place possible in Rory and Heaths room. All I could do was laugh. I wish I would have taken a picture it was so funny.