Monday, June 16, 2008

playin in the water

June 13 and 14th we camped out on lake mead. It was so fun. We found a wonderful place to camp and we even had late afternoon shade. Jade and Jackie came and Hannah and her boy friend Tom.
We got there at about 4 on Friday. It was the most beautiful night. There was no wind and the moon and stars were so bright. After we finally got the kids to bed in the tent, we had a camp fire and roasted marsh mallows. Justun and Jade were great wood hunters. I don't know what we would of done with out them. Ha! Ha!

The next day we went tubing. Rory and Heath went with me first. Rory was a little nervous and wanted to get off after the first ride. But Heath would have stayed on the whole day. I finally had to tell him that Hannah and Tom needed a turn. But he still wasn't very happy about it. He loved it when we hit the bumps. He would squeal and laugh out loud
it was so cute. Anders was such a good boy. He was so happy that morning, he just smiled, sucked on his hands and slobbered every where. He loves to be out side.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The 4th birthday party

Rory had a fun fourth birthday. He was so excited. He wanted a green snake cake and balloons.
We had Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jade out to celebrate with us.
It was alot of fun to see his excitement in it all. He had been asking for a garbage truck since January. So that is what we as a family gave him. And it has been his constant companion. I think Justun has already changed the battery's once.

Heath helped Rory blow out the candles. He was just as excited as Rory. But I think his Favorite was the Cake and Ice Cream.

Uncle Jade gave Heath and Rory rides in the wheelbarrow. It was a great Birth day party.
We wish that the Grandparent could have been there. But they sent presents and Rory was spoiled as usual.

Happy Birthday Rory!!

Rorys 4th B-day

Friday night before Rorys B-day we had a camp fire in the back yard. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. It was the most beautiful night.
Heath and Rory had so much fun. Anders fell asleep on the lawn.
Justun set up the tent with lots of help from the boys as you can see.
I got to have a sleep over with Anders in the house.
Life has been so fun with three boys. They make us crazy. But they also make us love them more every day. We are so happy with our little men.