Monday, August 31, 2009

Camp kolob

We went camping last weekend. It was fun for the boys, they got as dirty as humanly possible. Justun was busy helping with an eagle project.(helping to put in another water tank for the Church girls camp at Camp Kolob)
So it wasn't quite the camping trip I had anticipated. We will have to give it another try when we can stay longer and spend more time as a family.
Overall they were able to get a lot done and the project was a success thanks to all the great guys that came up to help out.

Our cute boys loving every minute of the great outdoors.

I'm Flying!!

The summer has been hot one as usual and the only way to beat the heat and getting house bound, is to get wet.
Rory and Heath have a lot of fun diving in to our tiny pool. Anders avoids getting plastered by them most of the time, but he loves it to.

The count down is on, the end of the heat is in sight!!! I cant wait!

summer flowers

The sunflowers this year are so beautiful. They line the west side of our back lawn and are about seven feet tall.
I had to get a few pictures of the all American summer flower.
I tell my boys that sunflowers smell like summer.

Monday, August 24, 2009

first day of school

Rorys first day of school!!
He was very excited to go. He had his back- pack on bright and early.
I had to keep telling him it wasn't time yet.
His brothers were so excited to be a part of everything.
Anders wanted to be in the picture and Heath smiled;
for the both of them, that's saying allot.

We acquired a new cat. The boys love her, especially Rory.
Her name is Tinker. She is already a very spoiled girl.