Wednesday, October 10, 2007

August 14, 2007

Our family had so much fun at Lake Powell this year. We went in September to and although it was allot cooler and better for sleeping undoubtedly; We enjoyed the sun a little more on the first trip. We were able to spend time with almost all our family including Lisa & Jarred's family. Rory and Heath played on the sandy beach with Garrison and Darrin. It was nice for them to get to spend time together. They don't get to very often. Rory took wave runner rides with Justun and Grandpa. He even was brave enough to learn to swim out in the deep water on his own. By the second trip he was riding uncle Jades sea scooter everywhere.

Heath was not afraid of the water on bit. He loved it and would walk out into it on his own. We had to watch him constantly, he was a busy one year old.
Rory and I took a tube ride, He was so excited! But by the end of the ride there was no getting him on again. I think we when a little to fast and crossed one to many wakes, even for me. Being that I was four months Pregnant. I think Justun forgot about that. Ops! We had a great time. Rory and Heath consume our life and it is wonderful. We wouldn't have it any other way. Memories are everything and life is were they are made along with the people you spend it with.

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