Thursday, May 15, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was alot of fun for the boys. This year we made an Easter Cake and Rory and Heath helped to decorate it.
I think they ate more candy than was actually put on the cake.

We set out the easter baskets that night, but early the next morning I decided it would be better to move them to the bottom of me and Justuns bed with a trail of eggs to guide the boys into our room. I did this in hopes that we would wake up when they came in to get them. But my efforts were in vain. I woke to the subtle sound of laughter. I found the baskets gone, and Easter grass, eggs and candy scattered in every place possible in Rory and Heaths room. All I could do was laugh. I wish I would have taken a picture it was so funny.

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Jennifer Richins said...

Too funny! You guys must be heavy sleepers to have two little boys in the room sneaking candy and not wake up.