Thursday, June 5, 2008

The 4th birthday party

Rory had a fun fourth birthday. He was so excited. He wanted a green snake cake and balloons.
We had Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jade out to celebrate with us.
It was alot of fun to see his excitement in it all. He had been asking for a garbage truck since January. So that is what we as a family gave him. And it has been his constant companion. I think Justun has already changed the battery's once.

Heath helped Rory blow out the candles. He was just as excited as Rory. But I think his Favorite was the Cake and Ice Cream.

Uncle Jade gave Heath and Rory rides in the wheelbarrow. It was a great Birth day party.
We wish that the Grandparent could have been there. But they sent presents and Rory was spoiled as usual.

Happy Birthday Rory!!


Jennifer Richins said...

I love the cake. It turned out so cute. Sounds like it was a fun time.

Lisa said...

Great job on the cake. Did you come up with the ides on your own? I can't believe little Rory is 4 already. It seems like you just had him. I still remember the night he was born and all of us coming to the hospital to see you both. Happy Birthday Rory. We will send a present soon.